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Our Background History

Learn more about why Sophie's Appeal began, our mission and values and the patrons of our charity.

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Our Events and Successes

Learn more about the donations we've had, the money we've raised and projects we've funded.

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What do we Do?

Learn more about the projects we take part in, what we do & where. There is a variety of projects we have taken part in.

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Welcome to Sophie's Appeal

The aim of this appeal is:

To support the social, emotional and educational welfare of children, their families, nursing and support staff and provide a caring and supporting environment in both local hospitals and in the community.

There are so many ways in which the Trust can provide support to parents, carers and schools who find themselves suddenly faced with the reality of cancer.

Sophie's Story...

Sophie was a happy healthy five year old.

Sophie was soon diagnosed with Wilm’s Disease, a form of kidney cancer, following only a few days of feeling unwell.

To read more about her story, click on the button below.

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